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Do you offer a “trial lesson”?

I offer a 15-minute initial conversation (phone or skype).

Cost: none


What will this cost me?

Individual appointments last 60 minutes and are billed at 130 euros.

Appointments for couples last 90 minutes and are charged at 240 euros.

Recommended frequency: every two weeks. The appointments can take place in my practice or, if desired, by skype.

Can I cancel an appointment?

Yes of course. Up to 48 hours in advance free of charge. After that, the full fees apply.

How do I pay?

You pay in cash after every hour. I settle Skype calls via Paypal.

Can I bill the consultation through my health insurance company?

In Germany this is not possible.

Do i have to take off my clothes?

No. You stay dressed at all times.

How many hours does a a treatment plan last?

Depending on the issue, a sexological treatment plan takes about 10-12 sessions.

What happens during a sexological consultation?

In the first few hours we will discuss your concerns together. I'm going to ask you a lot of things that you've probably never been asked before. Depending on your concerns, I will also invite you to physical exercises and give you "homework". 

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